What's the 'ONE THING' You Can Do Right Now To 2x Your Business?

Discover how to transition from relying on referrals to building a predictable income so you can can have more time, money & freedom without the stress & tech overwhelm...

Is it time for a little reinvention?

You’ve built your professional freelance business from the ground up, you have happy clients & you’re good at what you do. But you can not breakthrough the $10k a month ceiling, you're trying everything but you're close to burnout...worse still, there's no time for family & life. Work is just not that much fun anymore.

You're well aware that all businesses need to grow and evolve but.. you sense (or do you already know?) that your business is beginning to plateau and you're waking up in the middle of the night head full of: "How do I earn more money?""How do I attract bigger clients and better projects?"... "How can do anymore if I just don't have the time?"

The answer: it's time to reinvent your approach to sales & marketing.

Don't worry it's not as scary as it sounds.. I love working alongside professional freelancers and entrepreneurs, just like you, I can help you identify those parts of your business that act as bottle necks and are stunting your growth & holding you back from building the business you dream about - one that gives you more time, more money and more freedom.

Together we can reinvent your sales & marketing processes, redefine your market/message fit, rebuild your process with the perfect funnel for your business, forever moving you towards the ultimate goal of working smarter, not harder.

The Client Acquisition Funnel Accelerator in 3 easy steps

This 3 step execution plan, tailor made exclusively to fit your growing business, will give you a long term, efficient and scalable client attraction machine.


The process begins with the foundation of redefining who your ideal customers are, your value proposition & your offer/service.


With business objectives redefined we can select & build the perfect funnel to attract & convert more ideal clients.

Re:Launch Your Business - Lead Flow Method


With the foundation and system in place now we can deploy proven strategies to generate highly targeted traffic on-demand.

The PERFECT funnel for YOUR business

At the heart of reinvention you'll find the 'rule of ones': one avatar, one problem, one solution and one funnel. Imagine holding the keys to business growth and absolute clarity.

Perfect Funnel - Lead Flow Method
Certified Business Performance Coach - Steve Mullen @ Lead Flow Method


I am an entrepreneur, tech startup mentor and certified business performance coach with over 15 years experience in the digital marketing trenches.

The Lead Flow Method is based on proven frameworks and strategies that have helped thousands of creative specialists, entrepreneurs, agencies and consultants to develop the business of their dreams.

If we decide to work together my pledge to you is that by the end of the process you will have the knowhow & confidence, the tools and the means to get more time, money and freedom.

You will be in control of a system that consistently gets you more ideal clients, creates amazing ROI, generates more profit than you ever thought possible before.


The Client Acquisition Engine is the ONLY funnel you will ever need. This funnel can double your business without doubling your work hours.


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