10 Ways Branded Links Can Be Your Secret Marketing Weapon

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You’re busting a nut trying to grow your business online. You’re serving clients/customers and dropping content on your socials like crazy, and it seems to be working.

But do you know exactly what is working and what is not? Probably not, but you know you should.

What if you discovered that 80% of your content is attracting crickets & tumbleweeds but the remaining 20% is killing it?

Would you continue wasting time, money and energy creating more of the same content thats doing nothing for you?

Of course not! (i hope not)


A crucial aspect of growth is to measure your marketing impact but analytics and be complex to set up, confusing to understand and as result often overlooked by busy entrepreneurs. I mean, you've got businesses to run, right?!

Developing a link tracking strategy can definitely help to measure your marketing campaigns and give you deeper insights but without the right tools and strategy it's very likely you'll end up in the pit of tech overwhelm.

I can promise there’s much more behind links you might imagine and in this post I will help you to learn very good reasons why you should start using link tracking in your marketing.


Actually, I often feel like tracking links are some of the most understated components in online marketing.

The internet is 

Despite of their name (which sounds a bit technical) and of the general subject (tracking) which sounds even tougher, there’re actually a lot of easy hacks and tips in the field, you can leverage for your marketing and business purposes, and start seeing immediate results.

Ready to go? Great!

Let's Start With A Few Questions

  • What do you do with really long links?
  • What if you want to track the results?
  • What happens if you go on using unbranded anonymous short links?

Drum roll please... let's introduce short BRANDED links!

They definitely provide us with the ability to give your marketing campaigns on a solid foundation.


  1. 1
    They make links more memorable thanks to a CUSTOM short domain which, together with a custom alias, tells people what the content is all about: virg.in/ldn, mz.cm/newmoz, voda.it/cinema for example
  2. 2
    They enhance the awareness of your brand when posting links
  3. 3
    They increase link trust
  4. 4
    They are great to avoid being blacklisted, when shared within emails
  5. 5
    They improve the CTR on your content up to +39%
  6. 6
    They identify you as a company or a person, making it unlikely to be banned by Google or Facebook
  7. 7
    They significantly lower the risk that an attacker can gain access to your personal data from a cloud drive due to the generic shortened URL (like goo.gl)
  8. 8
    They provide you with the ability to manually add UTM tracking codes (source, medium, content, campaign) for better analytics reporting
  9. 9
    Excellent for offline marketing campaigns - flyers, posters, TV & video ads, magazines, events etc
  10. 10
    Analytical data and tracking - clicks, location, device type, source etc


If you're not already excited by the potential of using tracking links in your online marketing you'll probably need to check your pulse, or something!

However, without the right tools you'll be swimming deep in the dark waters of coding & analytics.

So I'd recommend you check out Rocketlink, Replug & JotURL. There are many more on the market but these three I have used the most.

Which one do I prefer? That's tough...

Right now it has to be JotURL because it's way more than simply tracking links.. it's essentially a marketing suite.. there's so much you can do to level up your online marketing campaigns - check it out.

JotURL - Best Link Tracking Tool

Anyway, I'll leave this here and I will follow up with another post walking through how to get set up and rock with JotURL.


Developing a link tracking strategy, with branded short domains, will definitely require you to bring your 'A Game'. It can be a little overwhelming at first, the technical set up, the concept, the data ready etc, and I would hazard a guess is why most mid-level marketers bail out after testing the water.

The returns on your marketing efforts however will be, in my opinion, more than worth the commitment. There are great tools on the market, that simplify the process, but these tools on their own are mere tactics.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat - Sun Tzu

I'm curious to know if you using branded short links to boost your marketing results and grow your business? I would love to hear how so leave a comment below.


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