Why Being A Business For Good Matters & What It Means To Be A B1G1 Champion

As a B1G1 Business For Good Champion, I incorporate purpose and meaning into my business through giving and you can do the same.

When you work with me, we get to make a great difference in the world by doing what I love to do - help you to earn more, work less and be more epic.

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B1G1 Business for Good - Lead Flow Method

B1G1 Business For Good Have Created Over 180 Million Giving Impacts To Date

What is an impact?

I am building micro-giving into my value proposition simply by doing what I do everyday - which is to help my clients create the business of their dreams.

For example:

If you purchase one Funnel Mastery Consultation & Training Session (1 Hour) I give 1 year of e-learning for 15 children in rural India.

And for every email I send a full days access to learning materials for girls in Cambodia is created.

My total impacts, so far...

Simply by providing services to my clients I am giving back to projects that need support and by working together great things can be achieved. I believe business is a force for good.

Work with me to get the results you need for your business, learn how you can grow your revenue with marketing & automation so you can become a profitable force for good.

Talk about win, win, win.


For every transaction you make with me, an impact is being created. If you are a business owner and you want to scale and grow your revenue with sales & marketing automation then book a Funnel Mastery Session with me, and start getting results you need in your business and create a positive impact.

Learn about my group training program IMPACT Business Society: How To Earn More, Work Less & Be More Epic.