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As a B1G1 Business For Good Champion, I incorporate purpose and meaning into my business through giving.

When you work with me, we get to make a great difference in the world by doing what I love to do - help you become more profitable, impactful and epic.

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B1G1 Business for Good - Lead Flow Method

B1G1 Business For Good Have Created Over 170 Million Giving Impacts To Date

What is an impact?

As part of my #BeMoreEpic campaign I am building micro-giving into my value proposition simply by doing what I do everyday - which is to help my clients create the business of their dreams.

For example:

If you purchase one Funnel Mastery Consultation & Training Session (1 Hour) I give 1 year of e-learning for 15 children in rural India.

And for every email I send a full days access to learning materials for girls in Cambodia is created.

My total impacts, so far...

Simply by providing services to my clients I am giving back to projects that need support and by working together great things can be achieved.

I strongly believe business is a force for good.

With the help of my clients, so far I have created:

* 4680 days of e-Learning for children in rural India.

* 2100 days of access to reading materials for school girls in Cambodia.

* 1100 days of access to life-saving clean water were given to people in Malawi.

* 498 days of transportation for kids to get to school in Cambodia

Work with me to get the results you want for your business, learn how you can grow your revenue with marketing & automation AND help to create impacts at the same time.

Talk about win, win, win.


For every transaction you make with me, an impact is being created. If you are a business owner and you want to scale and grow your revenue with sales & marketing automation then book a Funnel Mastery Session with me, and start getting results you need in your business and create a positive impact.

Book a FREE strategy session and explore how we can work together to help make a change.