4 Marketing Essentials Small Businesses Should Be Using To Grow Their Business

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Social media is a powerful way to reach a large audience. With millions of people actively engaging with social networks on a daily basis, how do you ensure that your content or brand is reaching them? Here are our tips for increasing your social reach:

How to raise brand awareness, generate new leads and increase social media engagement.

1. Have a strategy in place – Think through your strategy first, write it down on paper, get it out of your head. Think about your customer’s needs, what are their pain points/triggers for motivation? What does your product or service offer that will solve your customer’s problems? Tip: focus on the benefits you provide not the features.

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2. Create Relevant Content – If you create content that your audience finds compelling, they’ll share it to their networks, increasing the number of people who view it. So how do you find relevant content? Twitter advanced search is still, in my view, an under-valued resource. You can search for topics and conversations right down to the city level – great for high street / location-based businesses. I would also suggest creating a Feedly account and start collecting RSS news feeds based on your topics of relevant interest.

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3. Make Sharing Easy – Always make sure your content is shareable by including a social sharing feature with your content. Set up a blog, I recommend a self-hosted WordPress installation or run one from WordPress.com, there are benefits from both here but outside the scope of this article (I’ll do a write-up on this topic a later date), the key takeaway from this point is to make sure the content you create is easily found, is accessible and visitors can engage with the content you post.

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4. Run a Giveaway or Sweepstake Contest – Running a promotion ensures that you have something timely and compelling to talk about, giving you more opportunities to engage with your audience. Engage your fans and their friends will take notice of you.

What is a Sweepstake? You reward a winner randomly and are easy to enter because they typically only require basic info such as an email address. The lower barrier to entry makes sweepstakes a popular choice for growing an audience because they usually receive a large volume of entries.

What is a Contest? A winner based on merit or skill, such as the best photo or funniest video. Because they require more effort to enter, they may receive fewer entries but they also create more engagement – especially when you incorporate audience voting since that motivates entrants to share their submission (and your promotion) to their friends.

So, decide what is most important for your promotion: level of engagement, or the number of entries.

Ready to raise brand awareness, generate new leads and increase social engagement? Start today with contest marketing. Click here to book your free 20 mins consultation – I promise you I won’t be selling you anything.. this will be a discovery call and I’ll answer any questions you have about using contests to grow your business.

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