Marketing Technology Stack

Since going live with this site I've been asked (surprisingly quite frequently 🤔) what does my marketing tech stack look like? What tools am I using to power this website and my landing pages, process my email marketing & automation, if I use a CRM tool, what I use for email opt-in & lead generation, my tracking & conversions and sales?

ActiveCampaign - Lead Flow Method

ActiveCampaign is my sales & marketing automation tool of choice. Your conversion rate will increase as you send targeted, personalized messages that align with your contacts’ interests. You'll have more loyal customers, more repeat orders, and more referrals as you nurture a strong relationship throughout all stages of the customer lifecycle.

Thrivecart - Lead Flow Method

Thrivecart is quite possibly the best investment I (and you) could make, that is if you're selling products or services online. The simplicity of this shopping cart platform should not fool you, oh no! This is the only online shopping cart you will ever need. Stop twiddling your thumbs, and jump on this today.

Convertbox - Lead Generation - Lead Flow Method

ConvertBox makes it super easy to create high converting two-step offers so you can hook your visitor with a simple pre framing message before revealing your main call-to-action. Show visitors multiple choice and multiple step options so you can easily segment, tag and deliver highly personalized offers and content specific to their interests and goals.

Beaver Builder - Lead Flow Method

Beaver Builder was a revelation to me when they arrived on the scene a few years ago. If you want to break away from buying bloated themes from Themeforest and you're tired trying to hack said themes to suit your exact needs and requirements - oh, and you're not a natural coder (like me!) - then you really must check out Beaver Builder. Trust me... it rocks ✊🏻
(btw: I built this site with it)

Landingi Landing Page Builder - Lead Flow Method

When I need landing pages to run my lead generation campaigns I use a relatively new kid on the block, Landingi. A very nice landing page builder, that's fast loading, has tons of 3rd party integrations. They're a growing company and the fact they have excellent & responsive support I'm sure they'll enjoy continued growth. Sign up via my affiliate link and you'll get an exclusive 15% discount for life.

SerpStat SEO - Lead Flow Method

Here's one of my 'ninja' tools. I use this powerful SEO platform to research top keywords, analyse competitor websites and track rankings in Google. The backlink analysis toolset is mindblowing, they provide so much data with your market recon it powers you up a few levels. Every digital marketer should have a solid understanding of their SEO performance - and SerpStat gives it to you.

Site Ground - Lead Flow Method

Having good, solid & reliable hosting to run your website is crucial. Since moving to SiteGround a few years back now, I've not looked back. I don't recall any issues on my sites or my client sites. In fact, I've seen site performance improvements across the board. To top it all off their support is just awesome - always contactable and responsive. Just what you need. - Lead Flow Method

Replug is one of the best marketing tools in my box. It is a URL shortener and link tracking platform that also allows you to add eye-catching and branded call-to-actions or retargeting pixels to any page on the web. You can also add your tracking pixels to grow your custom audience on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more - see it in action, click here

Wordpress - Lead Flow Method

I presume you've heard of WordPress once or twice before - so I won't go into details here. But without doubt WP is an amazing content management system (CMS) and I know there are many others out there, and I'm sure they have their benefits but for me, when combined with other tools, WP is my weapon of choice.

Disclosure: Nearly all links on this page are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. I personally use all these tools and applications, you will see them in my training materials and group sessions. I would not recommend anything that I have either not used personally, or do not stand behind. Rest assured I fully endorse all these products, as they are, in my opinion, the best on the market today. If you have any questions about these tools, feel free to contact me.