Optimal Image Size For Facebook Ads (works for Twitter Cards also)

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After running literally hundreds of promotions on social media over the years (paid & earned) we wanted to share this time-saver tip with you. Knowing this will mean you’ll stop going round and round looking for the optimal image size for Facebook.

Facebook now offers up a mind-boggling array of image options and sizes for all their different ad types – a single image, carousel, slideshow, sponsored post, mobile formats, newsfeed, sidebar and now, of course, Instagram etc..

Now each of these definitely has their purpose but getting into these will mean we’re edging slightly outside the scope of this post topic, so let’s park that idea for the time being so we can dig deeper in later posts.

Back to the case in point…

1024 x 512 pixels is the best solution for creating and sharing images to Facebook

When running contests, giveaways & sweepstakes one of the main goals is impressions – get as many people to see, engage and share your campaign as much as possible. With this in mind, we’ve found creating an image sized at 1024 x 512 pixels is the best solution for creating and sharing images to Facebook.

You should also keep the important content within the boundaries of 980 x 512 pixels, as anything outside of this will be cropped from the top and bottom in order to fit on different devices.

NOTE #1: 1024 x 512 is not the recommended size by Facebook, but we’ve found this size to be optimal enough to look great on high-res displays and small devices that generate a large image preview when sharing.

NOTE #2: For a detailed look at every image dimension type & size check out this thorough & detailed post by Jon Loomer

BONUS TIP: 1024 x 512 is also the ideal image size for Twitter Cards 🙂

Some online tools for creating & editing quality images for social sharing

  • Design Wizard –  create impressive videos and image designs in minutes.
  • Pablo – design engaging social media images.
  • Canva – build perfectly sized social media pics.
  • PicMonkey – creative tools for photo editing and graphic design.
  • GetStencil – simple image creation for social media. They include royalty-free photos.

You should take a bit of time preparing your contest & social promotion images with some care and forethought – it will pay dividends when your campaigns begin to pick up traction and every share will display your contest image as close to what you intended as possible.

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