Want To Know The Secret Behind Every Successful Sales Funnel?

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If you've ever wondered what successful online marketers and business owners do, that maybe you don't, then this is for you.

There was a breakthrough moment in my entrepreneurial career (after I quit my day job for the second time) that changed everything.

I came to realise that there was one key insight along my long and stressful journey. It's a concept that you're probably familiar with but I'd like you to really let it sink it when applying it to your business.

Drum rolls please…

Rule of Ones.

One Avatar

If your most perfect client walked through the door right now, who are they?

It's your mission to define your most ideal client as in depth as you can. What are they thinking? What are their favourite hobbies and interests? What keeps them up at night? What are their biggest concerns, doubt and fears?

While your business might serve various avatars, your strategy in becoming successful or more successful will unequivocally start around one avatar at a time.

You must start with one and build from there. Remember, less is more.

My Avatar Snapshot Framework can help you figure that out.

Avatar Snapshot Framework & Worksheet - Lead Flow Method

One Message

Once you can articulate your ideal client's pains and frustrations using the Avatar Framework, then you have to look at their fears and implications and crafting a million dollar message that speaks directly to your Avatar.

“I help__________________ achieve/do _________________ so they can _________________ without _______________________________"

This message will then become your mission statement and the bedrock for all your sales & marketing communication.

Million Dollar Message - Lead Flow Method

One Solution

Now let's shift gears and talk about one system. This is something you don't hear enough about in marketing or business circles. Your signature system is how well you can articulate your ability and unique process in taking your client from their biggest pain to their biggest goal and/or desire.

It doesn't matter if you're a consultant, freelance web designer, photographer, doctor, lawyer, dentist, software company, etc.

This can be applied to any business. Here's my signature solution I use to help my clients get absolute clarity.

Client Acquisition Roadmap - Achieve Faster Growth With Less Effort

One Funnel

Let's put the fun in funnels. Your sales funnel is simply the steps that you use to turn strangers into prospects and paying customers. Every business has a funnel whether you realise it or not.

The majority of small businesses don't have a working funnel in place. Those that are experimenting with funnels (of some kind ) are doing them wrong, they are insufficient and loosing time & money.

It doesn't have to be this way. For example, here's one of the funnels I build for high-ticket clients. The Appointment Funnel that attracts, converts, nurtures and pre-qualifies prospects into leads into ready to buy sales call. Automated.

Sales Appointment Funnel - Lead Flow Method

One Traffic Source

Instead of spraying and praying, in other words spending money on blogging, directories, ads and just hoping for the best, you have to define one source that you're going to use to drive traffic through your funnel to get a positive ROI.

Facebook Ads give the most bang for your buck, and when starting out is a more approachable way to get into social advertising.

I have proven paid traffic strategies to help get you started on the right foot. If you're just starting out on Facebook Ads, you can get the ball rolling with as little as £20 per day... this will get your campaigns going and be just enough to get the Facebook Ad algorithm to build a data profile and custom audience. 


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