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The fuel to fire your sales funnels and marketing automation is paid traffic. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

With a well-optimised ad campaign, you can literally print money. The issue is that it’s a complicated process and requires a deep understanding of how all the pieces of the online marketing puzzle fit together.

For one client we are running a simple Facebook ad campaign to sell a single item of merchandise. The campaign has been running for 7 days, we’ve had over 38K impressions, 5.7K post engagements and over £1,900 in sales. We’ve spent, so far, a little over £60 – 32x ROI

[click_to_tweet tweet=”That’s 32x ROI. For every £1 spent we get back £32… as I say, printing money.” quote=”That’s 32x ROI. For every £1 spent we get back £32… as I say, printing money.”]

Some things to consider though: the page I am referring to has been active for over 10 years and has an active & engaged community, plus we’ve spent thousands on ads over the years, which all contribute to healthy ad campaigns.

However, I’d like to be clear and state that these results are not uncommon – provided you know your audience, have an offer they’re willing to buy, deliver quality every time and have your funnels up correctly.

A very promising solution

I’ve recently invested in an amazing tool to help level up your Facebook ads campaigns – even after just a week, I have already experienced the changes it can bring to how I have managed the above ad campaign.

The Campaign Maker - Skyrocket Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

The biggest issue I have with the Facebook Ad platform is that it’s just so boring to use, I spend hours in their setting up campaigns… and quite frankly I hate it. So when I was introduced to this tool, with the promise of simplifying the whole campaign analyzing, creation, optimization & reporting I was curious.

Using tools like AdEspresso are great but the monthly subscription can become expensive over time. The Campaign Maker tool has a lifetime deal for just $99 (one-time payment) they have a 30 day no questions money back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose.

So look, if you want to skyrocket your Facebook campaigns and save over $900 every year in monthly subscriptions, check out The Campaign Maker and grab their limited LIFETIME deal!

❌Stop paying monthly to optimize your Facebook ads❌
❌Don’t waste another penny on an unsuccessful ad campaign❌

One time payment of $99 gives you lifetime access to:

✅ Unlimited Adspend
✅ Unlimited campaign creation and split testing.
✅ Unlimited ad account integrations.
✅ Unlimited custom analysis reports.
✅ Unlimited automatic optimization rules.
✅ Much more …

Click to grab your LIFETIME account before this deal ends.

The Campaign Maker - Lifetime Deal

Any questions about this tool, just let me know in the comments.

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