The Power Of Small – Put The “Why” Back Into Your Business

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What if you could change lives, by doing what you do every day? And what if you could leverage marketing automation so you can attract more of the right clients and have more time?

Business as a force for good is a wonderful idea. Building giving into your value proposition is rewarding in more ways than you thought possible.

CSR 'corporate social responsibility' has for many years been the preserve of large enterprises... how many small business owners do you know who have a CSR department & allocated budgets? 🤔

These days great organisations like B1G1 Business For Good are making it easy for SMEs to build giving into what they do through what B1G1 refer to as 'the power of small'.

Now let's get this clear: there's absolutely nothing wrong with striving to generate profit, after all, it's how businesses thrive in the free market.

However, profit need not be the only focus.

We all have a responsibility to look after one another and research consistently shows that your potential clients/customers prefer businesses that care about more than simply making money. It's time stand for what's important to you and to be doing good through your business. If you don't, your competition will.

I too have been going through a process of questioning "whats my purpose" & "what can I do that has more impact"... which has set me on a journey to create the IMPACT Business Collective - a small group training program to help small business owners to get the coaching, support & system they need to attract the "right clients" on-demand, increase revenue, leverage marketing automation, work less hours & become a profitable force for good.

IMPACT Business Collective - Steve Mullen - Lead Flow Method

If any of this resonates with you, and you want to learn how you can transform your business and create more impact, then I invite you to join between 3 to 9 others in a small yet powerful group.

See the IMPACT Business Collective page for details.

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