Funnel Map & Growth Strategy Blueprint - Lead Flow Method

Get Clear On How To Grow & Successfully Market Your Business Online

(so you can confidently build your business & live life on your terms WITHOUT wasting more time)


We will spend the first part exclusively on your business needs & sales objectives to see if we can find any obstacles, low hanging fruit, that you can fix/implement change right away. Then will we look at the bigger picture and ways you can enable growth, so you can boost your lead generation & sales.

  • Value packed 30 minute call that will help you get absolutely clear on the steps you need to take to transform your business online
  • A fully mapped out funnel plan, including forecasts on conversions, costs and projects ROAS - I will send the PDF for you to keep after the call
  • Review your current product & audience positioning, plus I'll send you my Avatar work sheets
  • You'll walk away with clear actionable steps that will help you increase your sales and that you can implement into your business right away.
  • This call is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, B2B service providers, therapists, coaches or consultants who are already using sales funnels & paid traffic but want to level up.


Who is Steve Mullen?
Ha! Fair question... I am a Certified Online Business Performance Specialist, B1G1 Business For Good Champion, Nonprofit Marketing Consultant & Entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience helping businesses of all shapes & sizes succeed online - join me on Linkedin

Are you going to pressure sell to me?
Yuk! Absolutely not! The point of this call is for you to share with me the areas of your online marketing you want to improve and for me to figure out if I am the right person to help.

Are you going to hold advice back if I don't pay?
Again, no way! I believe in providing value all the way. If I can see a solution to your online marketing problem, I will tell you. You're free to implement yourself or you can hire me, either way works. As long as you get results, all good.

Nothing is for free, so how do you earn from these calls?
I dedicate several hours per week and share my availability with you. There are weeks I am not available... sometimes 3 or 4 at a time. In full transparency, I have secured a lot of work with this "value first" approach. After the call, I'm confident you'll see why 🙂

What kind of results will get from the advice on this call?
If you have the time & patience to learn & implement the strategies I share on the call, you will probably earn more from your website than you are now. But ask yourself, where is your valuable time better spent - tinkering with websites, social media, paid traffic or serving your customers & growing your business? Exactly 🙂


If you want to learn how you can transform your marketing strategy using sales funnels so you can get more customers faster, easier and more consistently than ever before, schedule a call with me today.

--Steve Mullen

Steve Mullen - August 20019 - Lead Flow Method
Certified Business Performance Coach - Steve Mullen @ Lead Flow Method
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